Dan and Jordan at Howard Fair

The Project

Into Trump’s America is a four-year reporting project by writer and editor Daniel Allott and his twin brother, documentary filmmaker Jordan Allott. It will monitor the pulse of the Trump presidency with deep, personal, reporting in nine key counties around the nation. These counties helped deliver the presidency to the maverick Republican candidate on Nov. 8, 2016 and they will determine whether he is a success or a failure.

The response of voters in these counties will gauge how President Trump’s agenda and performance resonate with the men and women who will be crucial in deciding whether he should win re-election in 2020 or be thrown out after just one term in the Oval Office.

The electorate of the nine counties will form constantly monitored focus groups. The Allott brothers will return to them again and again to test how the president’s proposals and counter-proposals, the fights and deals are playing out in Trump’s America.

Most experts and political journalists underestimated Trump’s support in 2016. And many remain unwilling to learn what motivated those who voted for him. The Trump’s America is a mission of understanding. What makes it unique is that the Allott brothers will follow these counties over the course of Trump’s presidency, traveling among them and keeping in touch and corresponding with the people they meet.

Trump’s America will present more than a snapshot in time. It will chronicle how people’s lives and views change as Trump’s presidency unfolds, and provide a rich and unique account of President Trump’s first term in office.